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NoIQ Training


The Concept


The Environment

The plan is to acquire enough land and build six fully-functional working studios (with 12 working stations/desks, two per room) to use as training stations.
These rooms will host eight students to be divided into two groups and expose them to a team working environment.
Learning together builds higher relations and communication skills. It is part of many things missing and separating us all.

NoIQ Studio

NoIQ Training Center

The NoIQ Studios

The training studios will have the control rooms on one side and the instruments/mic booth on the opposite side.

NoIQ Studio

The Parking Area

     When we envision something having a positive impact with a lasting impression, It is my opinion that parking should be twice in size referencing the building.

     It will be a requirement to participate in the parking program. Otherwise, how do you expect to get through a parking mess when it’s time to race the Go-Carts located at a racetrack in the back?


Interaction with School Districts will be part of the requirements for the programs. It will inspire academic achievement while attending a free program to help and help futures become a reality.


There are always challenges when putting together a  presentation. With Hands-On, those challenges are gone!

The Idea

Team Environment

Communication Development

Positive Interaction

Productive Relations

Control Rooms


Music Editing 

Video Editing

Industry tools


Equipment Technicians

Entertainment Relations 

Music/Video Production

Master & Engineering