NoIQ Productions
Unequivocally Road

The project aimed toward the future of an aspiring generation.  With plans to integrate parents, teachers, school grades, and our youth.

Working At
Beyond Comprehension

There are things in life we cannot understand at a glance.
No level of education, degree, or phycological understanding
to provide a simple explanation. They “simply” exist!



During my first few years of living in the U.S, I heard the concept of playing a record backward to hear hidden messages in the works. It is known as a subliminal message, and it can create thoughts and suggestions we subconsciously store. The words added to the mastered vinyl had people guessing what was said. Intentional or not, subliminal creations deliver specific messages to people. I never thought I would be training to decipher voices in a room.


?drawkcab drocer deyalp revEy

. . .

Connecting The Dots

People/Customer Care



Imagine being given something at birth that you don’t know you have. You are developing a passion because you learn to love what you do.
Trying to build a future you can be proud of but unable to complete the task.
Then you get a call and see the real reason for your work.



I never had a clear explanation or meaning for NoIQ, but for me, it means the opposite of the known phrase “lacking intelligence.” In fact: “NoIQ” it’s not a word, and it has no definition or meaning when you search for it on the web. What you will find it’s the definition of the word “noir” because every search engine breaks “NoIQ” apart by separating “No” from “IQ.” What you will find is the meaning of IQ.

What Is
The Best Interest
Definitive Rule?

Meaning Given

In the context of child custody cases, focusing on the child’s “best interests” means that all custody and visitation discussions and decisions are made with the ultimate goal of fostering and encouraging the child’s happiness, security, mental health, and emotional development into young adulthood.

Here is a great wiki article

I have learned the series of events that took place are not coincidental. They had a purpose with the outcome of ending my life. The design was to ensure my reaction would create a negative impact and affect the truth.
Their reaction helped me gain control of the facts and search for the truth.

We don’t have to agree, but we can agree to disagree.