Lives Caught On A Hook Or A Powerful Fish Net

We Are People

There is “nothing” more dangerously hopeless than knowing you are “trapped” on a hook or a fishing net.
You struggle to get loose, but you don’t possess the strength. You go blind. You go def, and you start to lose focus. Then out of nowhere comes a force unlike any other and sets you free.

You become dazed and can’t seem to find your way, but this force holds you because you are an “important” part of His sea.

You swim, but you stumble. The net or the hook left wounds running deep in your heart.

As you begin a healing journey, you hear the strange force that saved you. From weak, you become strongly drawn to that same force. As your senses awaken, you start to see a different entity. An entity you are familiar with because it was there before.
As you regain your eyesight and gain a new hearing, You meet the force that saved you “found” in a Fisherman.

That Fisherman who nurtured you with love and brought you back to life asked one thing from you.

“Work a way through streams and ponds until you are strong enough to help out in the big sea. I want you to trust me and help free other fish along the streams.
If it gets difficult remember that I am right next to you.
I will not let go because you belong to me.”

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