Aka Brixs~Beats
A different type of flying

Understanding the course of what truly matters

Not Everyone Dares To Work Hard and develop a passion. Not two people will think alike with every thought.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a pilot. Grow old by traveling the world gliding in my “own” steel bird. I remember my grandmother telling me to let go of that dream because I could end up dead somewhere. Just like birds, planes fall out of the sky.

I often wonder if I have a twin living my dreams and holding a tight grip on a yoke overseen instrument filled with numbers and hope. “Hope” that he will make it another day to see the sky and all its glory. “Willful” to understand how many lives are in his hands.

I have learned that every dream starts with a thought. A thought that must combine a deep desire to accomplish the task. It “must” be filled with love, help, and support from surrounding family members. It must possess a blind faith that sometimes may be hard to understand.

Life will never give us hints unless we look for them. And as we know, we never get a second chance to relive our lives. There are “times” when life will lead us to the “point” of self-destruction, but in a few of those times, we get a chance to bounce back.


The enemy may Want My Soul

God's Plans Are Hard To Beat

How do you explain to someone their path leads to spiritual death, and their only reward will be the loss of their soul?
How can you choose the correct words to explain something physically and Biblically wrong?
What are we willing to give up thinking God will ignore things?
What are we willing to stand for, knowing it will be a long fight?

There are parts of life some of us are allowed to see differently within two realms. Those parts are often confused or derailed by the simple-minded struggles of our times. I say that with the utmost respect, but I mean it because it is a part of life.

When I chose to engage my path through my trials and tribulations, I never questioned the Higher power I felt protecting my every step.
Three years later, after struggling to stay afloat and not lose my spirits, I am equipped with a Celestial Armor and ready to give up my life in exchange for the cross.

There are things in life we will never understand, even when we hear them. I searched for help and answers in all the right places, only to find more troublesome thoughts. When it comes to life, there is only one answer I trust, and that is infinite. It is the Word of God speaking through The Spirit from the “Book of Life” we all chose to ignore.